Why Do Married Men Cheat- Discovering the Truth

why do married men cheat Why do married men cheat? There is no single answer to this question. There is assumption in most relationships partners will be faithful. Still, so many marriages fall apart because one partner cheated. When partner is being unfaithful to person he allegedly loves, it is ultimate betrayal and once discovered, it is difficult to restore confidence. In order to prevent some behavior, person must understand why is that happening at all. So, the first thing to know is why do married men cheat.

There are different reasons why do married men cheat. Tough some of them cheat because they really fell in love in other woman, they are minority. Some men had poor role models that led them believe cheating is acceptable, or peer pressure of group where cheating is common made them do it. Other is simply opportunistic. Opportunity appeared and they took advantage of it.There are cases were cheating happens under influence of drug or alcohol. There is group of cheaters that does it for new experience. Some were married young and just want to see how it is to have sex with other person and some want to participate in certain act their partners don`t want to participate. There are cheaters who are actually cowards. They can`t say no to indecent proposal, or they want to end existing relationship, but are too afraid to say it aloud.

Why Do Married Men Cheat- More Info

A large percentage of cheaters do it for the joy. There is sense of entitlement, or the thrill of the chase. And of course, there are players, serial cheaters where cheating is way of life. Some cheaters believe it is status symbol and find the fact they can support mistress to be proof of their success in other life field. Others do it to prove their manhood, or to boost their ego. These are some of the most common reasons why do married men cheat. Finally, there is big group of cheaters that does it simply because they know they can get away with this. Regardless partner lets them do it, or they know the wife will take them back, or they figured wife will never find out; they simply do it because they can get away with this.

Some people are better liars than others, but there is no such thing as perfect liar. If you feel your partner is lying to you, it is hard to decide what to do. Answering why do married men cheat is just first step. Proving your suspicion is justifiably is not easy, since most cheaters will do anything to hide their infidelity. One way to do it is "Catch Cheaters Fast". It is practical guide that will help you to discover is your intuition telling you the truth, catch them in act and decide what direction your relationship goes. There are several reasons why this book is good for you.

1. It is simple step-by step instructional guide. 

2. You can download it digitally and start reading it in minutes. 

3. There is 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

4. You will get great bonus: Cheat Catchers Software.

5. Another great bonus: free guide on how to use spy gadgets. 

It is not enough to know why do married men cheat. If you suspect you are cheated part, take action. If your partner is cheating on you, the truth will hurt you. But, it is better to know the truth than continue asking yourself what is going on. It doesn`t matter what kind of relationship you have. Every relationship should be based on trust, not lies. You deserve to know the truth.


why do married men cheat

why do married men cheat