About Us


Symbols And Insignia

Fraternity Original Badge

The original badge of our Founders was the letter “H”. This symbolized Hope, which was our Founders’  watchword.

New Fraternity Badge

Only initiated members wear the official badge of the Fraternity. In 1877 the “H” badge changed to an anchor, which is the traditional symbol for hope.

New Member Pin

Women who are pledged to join, but who are not yet initiated wear the new member pin. The white shield has the Greek letters Pi Alpha inscribedon it. This shield is the suggested Fraternity badge and will be exchanged for the badge upon initiation.

Fraternity Flower

The cream-colored rose has been loved by Delta Gammas since its selection as the official Fraternity flower at the third Convention in 1885. It is special to us, both for its beauty and its association with joyful Delta Gamma memories: clutching a long stem nervously during preference parties, receiving a perfect blossom during Initiation or reminiscingover fragrant centerpieces at Founders Day.

Fraternity Colors

The Fraternity Colors are bronze pink and blue.

Fraternity Seal

The Fraternity seal is used on by Fraternity officers for the official papers of the Fraternity.

Fraternity Crest

The crest of Delta Gamma has special meaning to its members. The colors of the crest are cream for the rose at the apex of the crest; gold for the three, five five-pointed stars on the shield, the rope around the shield and outline of the scroll ribbon; burnt maize for the flanking ornaments of the rose and the Greek letters, Tau Delta Eta; blue for the lower two-thirds of the shield; green for the upper third and center section of the shield and the leaves of the rose; and rose for the Greek letters Delta Gamma which appear on the center section.


Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi, at the Lewis School for Girls near the University of Mississippi. The early growth for Delta Gamma was confined to women’s colleges in the South.

Within a few years, Delta Gamma was established in the North and then later expanded to the East. In 1891, Delta Gamma was one of the seven charter members of the National Panhellenic Conference when the first inter-sorority meeting was held in Boston.

As the population moved West, so did Delta Gamma. What began as a club in the South soon became an international fraternity in both scope and thinking as Delta Gamma established itself not only in the United States, but also in Canada. Through the years, goals and achievements have grown as Delta Gammas continue to live by the motto set forth by the Founders, “Do Good.”


The three founders of Delta Gamma are Anna Boyd Ellington, Eva Webb Dodd, and Mary Comfort Leonard. The trio grew up together in Kosciusko, Mississippi, attended the Lewis School in Oxford and founded Delta Gamma during a lonely Christmas holiday. Anna and Eva were first cousins and Anna and Mary shared the same birthday. Each of the three Founders was a woman of strong character and special talents